Marvin Tate in his many incarnations (Poet, Talk-Show Host, Performance Artist, Time traveler, Soul Agitator, Singer-Songwriter and Funk-Meister) has worn many hats in his twenty-plus career. He often calls upon all of his alter-egos to help him discover new foundation, with help from musical guests including: Mike Reed,Greg Ward, Ben Lamar Gay, Tatsu Akoi, Dave Boykin, Matt L, Khari Lemuel (The Black Monks of Mississippi) Dan Bitney, Fred Lonberg Holms, P Michael (Ono), George Blaize (D-Settlement) Adam Fitz, Avery R. Young and Angel Bat Dawid to name a few.

Mike Reed's Flesh & Bone - Call off Tomorrow (My Life Up To The Present)


OUTER EAR: Marvin Tate & Joseph Clayton Mills @ Experimental Sound Studio

April 2014

Behind The Red Door: Marvin Tate / Fresh off of singing the happy hour rules to unsuspecting guests in The Commons Club, Marvin Tate and his band took the party upstairs to a suite to sing "That's Alright" in room 602 / March 2016

Tate's 2013 residency at Chicago's famed Hideout called upon all of his alter-egos to help him discover new foundation, with help from musical guests: multi-instrumentalist: Mikel Avery, Khari Lemuel (The Black Monks of Mississippi), Dan Bitney, Fred Lonberg Holms, Juan Dies (The Sones of Mexico), P Michael (Ono), Vell Mullens of Moses Gunn, George Blaize, Adam Fitz and Avery R. Young. (Video from the June 18th "Improvisations and Freak-outs")

Marvin Tate sings his classic "Hundred Kinds of Crazy" with guitarist Aaron Shapiro

Instituto Cervantes / 2015

WCP presents MARVIN TATE & PLAN B Sept 19 2015 at VIRGIN HOTELS

Strobe Sessions with Marvin Tate and the Now Latuhs

Strobe Session #55: Marvin Tate & the NowLatuhs – June 6, 2014

The Strobe Sessions are a performance series put on by Strobe Recording in Chicago. Once a month we invite performers to put on a show in front of an intimate studio audience. Each performance is filmed, photographed, and recorded and is available to the artist. 

Marvin Tate's D-Settlment - World Music Fest- Hot House - Chicago 1999

Marvin Tate's D-Settlement-Black Girl / Live at the Empty Bottle 12/30/2000, Chicago

Cover of Marvin Tate album titled Family Swim

Family Swim

Album by Marvin Tate


A subtle hoodoo brew of gospel and cabaret, spiked with a dash of Tom Waits. Writer, spoken-word performer, and snow-globe artist, Marvin Tate, presents his first solo album, Family Swim. Put together with multi-instrumentalist and regular collaborator LeRoy Bach arresting images and soul choruses cast a spell powerful enough to keep even the most feral listener quiet through the spoken-word bits.

"(...) Tim Kinsella Sings the Songs of Marvin Tate, a joint album with LeRoy Bach (ex-Wilco) and dark folkie Angel Olsen (...) stands as one of the strangest and most enchanting additions to his sprawling discography. Tate, a Chicago poet and frontman, is a perennial favorite of other local musicians; his lyrics are confrontational, literary, and even sweet — territory Kinsella has long worked himself, but here he's otherwise stripped of his habits, backed by rudimentary piano arrangements and harmonizing with Olsen on odd lullabies, evidencing a previously unheard-of vocal dexterity." - SPIN Magazine

"Sidetracked in Miami"

from the Album Tim Kinsella sings the songs of Marvin Tate by Leroy Bach featuring Angel Olsen

"On to Us" by Marvin Tate


Governmental Wolf (2000)

Off the Record Arts Incubator (2015)

D-settlement at Hothouse  1/4 (1999)

D-settlement at Hothouse  2/4 (1999)

D-settlement at Hothouse  3/4 (1999)

D-settlement at Hothouse  4/4 (1999)

D-settlement in Avondale (2013)

D-settlement at Hideout (2013)

D-settlement interview (1999)

D-settlement at Hideout (2013)

TINA M HOWELL LIVE @Martyrs (2010)

D-settlement at Hideout (2013)

D-settlement at Hideout (2013)

TINA M HOWELL LIVE @Morse Cafe (2008)

TINA M HOWELL LIVE @ Hot House (2007)

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