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As a Multidisciplinary Career Artist, I’ve encountered a wide range of experiences and collaborations, from working with small to large music ensembles, musical-theater settings, experimental dancers, sound and visual artists to performing solo. My work illustrates and weaves together poetry, spoken word, music, and improvisation. My subjects vary, from personal narratives to social injustices. 

In the past thirty years, I have managed to etch out a niche for myself as a fringe songwriter, performer, and poet, locally and internationally. It has taken me from busking on the street corners of NYC and Chicago to sold-out venues and music festivals worldwide.  In February of 2020, weeks before the announcement of Covid-I, did a two-week tour of southern France with the non-for-profit jazz and experimental organization, “Across the Bridge,” joined by American musicians, cellist Lia Kohl, saxophonist Garrett Hatcher, and the French musicians: Cellist, Gasper Claus, and the fantastic Bagpipe practitioner, Erwan Kervek. Presently, I am writing and workshopping a musical adaptation about the life and times of former slave turned abolitionist and orator Fredrick Douglas. I will be performing as Fredrick Douglas with a musical score by Ernest Dawkins.

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